Robotics Club


Robotics Club

( Ages 7 yrs - 14 yrs )

Experience the wonders of LEGO mindstorms NXT.More hands-on experiences in constructing a simple robot and understand the fundamental of the whole LEGO mindstorms NXT programming.

Introduction :-

This course is mainly for children aged from 7 onwards. The aim for conducting this Robotics Course is to give children opportunities to learn about the fundamentals of Robot’s World and at the same time, they will learn building, constructing and basic programming of Robots. A robot is a device that is built to independently perform actions and interact with its surroundings.The Robots that are used for this course is called the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and it is used World-wide for Children’s Robot Education.Every year, the Singapore Science Centre organizes the National Junior Robot Competition for schools and they use this LEGO Mindstorms NXT for the event.

There are countless educational benefits

Including enhanced creative thinking
Communication between partners
Teamwork while doing hands-on activity
Problem solving skills
Abstract thinking
Building capability towards objective
Understanding of Robot’s behavior
Robot’s sensors.
Exploration of new ideas
Understanding the Robot fundamental
Preparation for future Robotic Technology.
Basic computer programming and more

There are about 7 levels for this Robotics Course which are :-

1. Basic
2. Intermediate Level 1
3. Intermediate Level 2
4. Intermediate Level 3
5. Intermediate Level 4
6. Intermediate Level 5
7. Advanced




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